Encouraging Employee Health and Mental Wellness

YMCA of the Suncoast leadership appreciates every individual for being part of our staff team! We believe making wellness and health resources accessible is essential to support our employees' overall wellbeing.

This Employee Wellbeing Benefits page provides overall individual wellbeing and mental wellness resources for practicing self-care, exploring support options, connecting with others and learning personal development skills.

Connect Now

The following resources are always available for staff members to connect with a trained support and/or crisis professional, in addition to daily mindfulness videos and wellbeing activities.

CONNECT: Work Life Resource Program

Staff who are regularly scheduled for work at the Y are welcome to use the programs through BayCare to manage stress, access mental wellness services and more. Click here for virtual courses and contact info.

1. Up to three in-person sessions with a licensed clinical therapist
2. Unlimited telephonic support from licensed clinical therapists
3. Legal & Financial Planning services

Explore eLearning videos from Y Retirement Fund
Your Road to Financial Wellbeing


Tampa Bay Crisis Center for local 24/7 support


988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline (chat & additional crisis services available) national 24/7 support


Review the National Institute of Mental Health resource about caring for your mental health, self-care and when to ask for help.

YMCA Employee Wellbeing Benefits

YMCA of the Suncoast staff enjoy access to 23 YMCA facilities in Tampa Bay. Employees are encouraged to participate in programs and activities at no cost, like group exercise, or reduced fees. Download the app for specific information, including schedules.

YMCA of the Suncoast encourages staff members to use these no-cost, wellbeing services. Share your suggestions on how the Y can support employee mental health and wellness at ideas@suncoastymca.org.

Mental Health Support Resource Highlights

Each staff person, including first-time lifeguards and seasoned leaders, will benefit from exploring the Y-USA Mental Health Tool Kit and keeping it readily available for anyone who may need support. Working at the YMCA is so much more than clocking in and out – it's about caring for one another and providing a safe environment for all.

Personal and Professional Training Opportunities

Your health is more than physical. Check out trainings from YMCA's LCDC and YMCA360 to work on skills to improve your spirit, mind and body. Invest in yourself by actively participating in self-discovery, personal and professional development trainings.

Expanding your knowledge takes time, so be patient and persistent. Tip: practice what you learn because these skills will be helpful with personal and work interactions for life!

Most of all, we believe in your potential, and want to help support your goals–that's why these trainings and resources are available to you.

Simple Self-care Techniques to Effectively Manage Stress

The National Institutes of Health Emotional Wellness Toolkit is another great resource to learn strategies to improve emotional health.