Jackie plays Pickleball at the Greater Palm Harbor YMCA.

Jackie participates in Pickleball at the Greater Palm Harbor YMCA through Project Rally.

At our bustling Greater Palm Harbor YMCA, you can always hear the echoes of bouncing balls and the spirited cheers of the pickleball players. Among those players is Jackie, a senior who was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma five years ago and is now an active member of the YMCA Survivorship and Wellness Program Powered by Moffitt.  

Jackie approached her cancer diagnosis with a determination to not only survive but to thrive. As she navigated the uncertainties of treatment and recovery, she searched for ways to regain control over her health and wellness. That's when she learned about Project Rally. This pickleball program offers physical activity and a strong sense of community and is powered by the Survivorship and Wellness Program Powered by Moffitt.  

Jackie joined Project Rally and shared, "I was so happy when I heard about the Project Rally program." She adds, "It has been so much fun and rewarding to be among cancer survivors who want to be active."  

Research has consistently shown that physical activity is not just a way to stay fit, but it also significantly improves cancer treatment outcomes and enhances quality of life. This knowledge is a powerful tool that empowers cancer survivors to take control of their health and wellness, and it's a key component of the Survivorship and Wellness Program Powered by Moffitt.  

Karie G., Senior Director of Community Health Programs, says, "It is a wonderful thing for cancer survivors to exercise and be normal, get out into the community, and make new friends with like-minded folks."  

Project Rally and the Y changed Jackie's life when they gave her an outlet to build her strength and endurance. But more than that, they provided her with a supportive network of fellow survivors who understood her journey in ways few others could. This sense of community and support was a crucial part of her recovery.

Jackie's story is a testament to the transformative power of community and the human spirit’s capacity for resilience. Through Project Rally, she found a passion for pickleball and a supportive network of individuals who have become her second family. Together, they inspire and uplift one another, proving that life after cancer can be vibrant and fulfilling.

To learn more about Project Rally and the Survivorship and Wellness Program Powered by Moffitt, click here or speak with a Y staff at your local branch!